Industrial Distribution
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CYG ET has realized a synergistic layout of “source-grid-load” business of the new-type electric power systems and can provide customers with integrated solutions including: five product series, namely: new energy power generation, new-type energy storage, comprehensive energy, intelligent power distribution and utilization, and auxiliary service of the power/carbon market.


CYG SUNRI CO., LTD. ("CYG SUNRI") is a professional power system automation and intelligent well-known brand, dedicated to global energy technology innovation and high-quality services. In 1994, it was restructured and established by the Ministry of Electric Power, Electric Power Automation Research Institute, Component Protection and Substation Integrated Automation Research Office. Its business covers nearly 80 countries around the world. It is the main partner of State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and major energy companies. As a leading enterprise in the smart grid sector of Changyuan Technology Group, Changyuan Shenrui is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a total of 14 subsidiaries worldwide, a registered capital of 700 million yuan, a total area of 180,000

CYG Contron

CYG Power Safety Technology Co., Ltd. (CYG Contron) has been focusing on the field of power safety and error prevention for more than 20 years, and is an industry standard setter in this field. CYG Contron is a key software enterprise in the national planning and layout and a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Program. The strategic positioning of “based on error prevention, doing thorough error prevention, expanding error prevention, and building an all-round industrial safety management and control system" has formed products with electrical error prevention system as the core, industrial lock control management, process error prevention system and other products It is an extended industrial production safety product system, which has been successfully applied in power grid, power generation, rail transit, communication and Internet of Things, petrochemical industry, coal metallurgy and other fields, covering more than 20,000 substations, more than 30,000 tower base stations, and more than 500 power plants nationwide ,

CYG Electric

CYG Electric Co., Ltd. (CYG Electric) is specialized in 1kV-500kV power cable accessories, 500kV and below DC cable accessories, recovery cable body connection technology MMJ/EMT (national invention patent), smart grid equipment (high voltage a national high-tech enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells power products such as cabinets, fully sealed and fully insulated ring network cabinets, column switches and primary and secondary integration complete sets of equipment).

CYG Insulator

CYG Insulator Co,. Ltd.(CYG Insulator) is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of composite insulators for power transmission and distribution lines, electrified railways and high and low voltage electrical equipment products. Since its establishment, the company has continuously innovated research and development technology, improved product quality, and pioneered the overall injection molding technology of composite insulators in China, and has a number of national authorized patents. The company's sales network covers more than 30 provinces, cities, and national key UHV engineering lines, key railway lines and high-speed railways, and exports to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

CYG Integrated Energy

Changyuan Integrated Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is committed to the development and operation of high-quality comprehensive energy in the industry, and aims to become a first-class comprehensive energy solution provider in China. Changyuan Integrated Energy targets on energy end users, optimizes energy utilization and planning for customers, and provides them with one whole package of comprehensive solution and system integration for energy supply and value-added service, maximizing customer’s benefit at its best.

CYG Consulting and Engineering

Changyuan Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd. is guided by high-end business of system planning, project consulting and engineering feasibility. To maximize customer benefit, meanwhile combining knowledge of primary and secondary power equipment from CYG, with “cordwood structured, modularized, and localized” power substation solution as key branding, backed by the vast marketplace of CYG, Changyuan Consulting and Engineering builds an internationally first-class team of design and general contractor, providing full life-cycle solution for partners.

CYG Flywheel

Changyuan Flywheel Internet of Things Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides solution for energy Internet of Things (EIoT) with technologies such as IoT, Cloud Native, and Edge Computing. Via “Wi-SUN”, a wireless communication connecting power end-devices, the chips of power and information are unified, and perfectly integrated with Internet of Everything (IOE). On the basis, Changyuan Flywheel Internet of Things Technology improves digitization of energy management (aka. “Bit-Manage-Watt”) through ways like big data analysis and machine learning, and provide customer with software service of energy management, virtual power plant, photovoltaic operation, smart power, etc., boosting energy industry to be more digital, automatic and smarter for our customer.


Jiangxi KTC Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, focuses on the research development and production of lithium iron phosphate as cathode material of lithium ion battery. The business covers various markets that include electronic vehicle (EV), light-weight EV, power starter, power storage, medical equipment, and military purpose.