Practice lean concept, efficient production and delivery

CYG adheres to the concept of lean management, carries out lean improvement activities in the whole process of research and development, manufacturing supply chain and engineering, creates a team of employees with improved thinking and full of vitality, enhances the core competitiveness of products, and thus improves customer relationship and customer satisfaction.
  • 2016

    Hired the industry's top Japanese lean management consulting company - Japan New Technology Research Institute for many years to carry out lean production in the group and improve production efficiency and product quality.

  • 2017

    Focus on Lean Supply Chain and Reduce Inventory.

  • 2018

    Focus on lean R&D and shorten the R&D cycle.

  • 2019-2020

    Focus on carrying out lean whole-process management, through improving R&D, production and engineering efficiency, shortening R&D cycle and delivery cycle, and speeding up inventory turnover and receivables turnover and other lean management activities.

R & D field

Fast delivery from order to prototype through continuous advancement of IPD (Integrated Product Development), Platform and CBB (Common Building Blocks) development models.

Manufacturing field

Continuously improve efficiency, improve quality, and deliver fast delivery.

Engineering field

Complete project delivery quickly and efficiently with high customer satisfaction.

Purchasing Supply Chain Field

Continuously reduce costs and improve flexible and reliable supply chain capabilities.