Social Responsibility
Changyuan Technology Group always emphasizes the concept of responsibility, closely integrates the fulfillment of social responsibility with the construction of corporate culture, continuously enriches the connotation and form of fulfilling social responsibility, and continues to provide rights and interests protection for shareholders, creditors, suppliers, customers and employees. Actively promote the development of new energy industry and carry out various social welfare activities. With the mission of "helping global manufacturing become smarter and more efficient, and promoting safer and more convenient energy use", the company continues to promote social responsibility management and fulfillment practices, demonstrate responsibility and responsibility in the development of economy, society and environment, and is committed to becoming a global leader. Excellent industrial and power system intelligent and digital national brand.
Healthy life, Happy work
CYG Club
CYG Club is a self-media platform of Changyuan Technology Group. It was founded in 2002 and conveys the essence of CYG technology with the latest reports, the most timely information and a unique perspective. This is an ideal country where employees can fly freely, condensing " The enterprise spirit of "Integrity, Respect, Passion and Innovation" carries the mission of "Changyuan Corporate Culture Position".