Smart grid and energy technology

Top ten Product series

CYG is committed to energy technology innovation and high-quality services. The main product series include: power grid protection control and automation, intelligent power distribution, intelligent operation and maintenance systems, new energy and intelligent power consumption, intelligent primary equipment, platform foundation, etc., covering nearly 70 countries around the world, is the national grid, southern power grid and the energy companies key partners.

Energy technology innovation and quality service

CYG takes the lead in developing heat-shrinkable and cold-shrinkable power cable accessories in the industry. It operates safely in the domestic power grid with millions of sets. The products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world, and it also takes the lead in successfully developing a new generation of cable accessories - recovery cable body connection technology MMJ/EMT.

Power cable accessories, intelligent distribution network equipment solutions

CYG is a comprehensive solution provider for power safety and error prevention. It has been focusing on power safety and error prevention for more than 20 years. The products cover the whole production process of the power system, as well as new fields such as "rail transportation, petroleum and petrochemical, communication and Internet of Things, coal and metallurgy".

Comprehensive solution for power safety and error prevention

Millions of composite insulators in CYG are in safe operation on major power grids in China, India, Brazil and electrified railways such as China's high-speed railway. The number of uHV and UHV composite insulators in operation ranks first.

High voltage composite insulator and its series products